Monday, October 16, 2006

Song feedback

At our songwriters group, I received feedback on the song, When the Talking Stops. The comment is a great example of how feedback can really help.

The chorus goes,

We pray to the same god
Though he has a different name
He's just the same

Julie suggested I change the use of "he" in referring to god. It's something I wouldn't have thought of, but a woman would pick up on. This little change can have a big impact in how women view this song.

I've given this same type feedback on other songs. For example, in one review, thunder and lightening was described as sounding like war. Since the song wasn't about war, and the current strong feelings about war, I suggested deleting the war reference.

The take away message here, as a songwriter you need to be aware of your audience and what may trigger them. Getting feedback from a diverse group can help you improve the universality of your songs.


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