Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Another view on the songwriting process

I just posted on my web site a song by Rob Roper. In the "about" section Rob described his provided in the writing the song. One new idea that I gained was how Rob developed the melody while walking after he had already written the chords. I can see how separating the melody writing without the guitar in hand could really work.

Check it out in his own words.

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At 1:07 PM, Anonymous DM said...

Tom Waits agrees with you. He says something similar but puts it in his usual word picturesque way: "I like vocal word stuff. But I don't always write with an instrument, I usually write a capella. It's more like drawing in the air with your fingers. It's closest to the choreography of a bee. You're freer. You have no frets to constrict you, there are no frets on your voice, and that's a good feeling. So for composing melody, it's something you can do anywhere." (Link)


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