Thursday, October 11, 2007

Songwriting in a magical spot

I just returned from 8 days on the San Juan River, the end of the season trip. The first night was so windy, I barely played guitar. The second night we camped by a rapid and I found myself in bluegrass mode. To hear over the rapid I played and sang loud, fast and freely. It was great fun, I only wish I could remember what I played.

A few nights later, we camped below a desert waterfall. It was such a magical place that I had to break out my partial capos and write some beautiful guitar parts. I eventually got a melody and then place holder lyrics. I really hope no one could hear me as I played the guitar part for almost an hour as I started to come up with words. The lyrics were:

I'm standing in the middle of nowhere
Watching the river rush by
It always seems to know where it's going
Doesn't need to try

No signs along the way
To tell you where you're at
Just have to have faith
And trust that you have a good map


Week long get away
Clean air, wash it all away

See that water fall
I wonder does it hurt
To fall through the air
And crash to the earth

There's a smell of dinner in the air
Catch a taste now and then
Hopefully they'll save me some
If I beg

The last lines were written in a hurry as I ran to dinner. Luckily there was a little dinner left.

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