Sunday, November 23, 2008

House Concert Surprise

I’ve wanted to go to a house concert, but never did I expect hosting one as a first step. Here’s the story.

We had scheduled a surprise B-day party for Julie at a local bar. Julie always wanted her family and friends to hear her play, so I invited at least 40 friends and family and a great line up of local songwriters. The only requirement was that Julie had to sit in on one of their songs.
On the Monday before the Saturday show, Rob Roper went to the bar for lunch (it’s also a restaurant, no he wasn’t drinking his lunch) only to see a sign “closed for renovations.” After verifying that it was truly closed, we went in frantic search for a venue. You’d figure, great musicians and a crowd would entice some bar owner, but no luck. Finally as a last resort, we decided on a house concert in our basement. The next challenge - how to keep it a surprise? I got the family to come to a surprise dinner at a local restaurant, while Rob and friends rearranged our house (yes, I was feeling brave). The surprise at the restaurant was good, but having an additional 20+ people back at the house was great. They did an excellent job with rearranging our house.

Now to the concert, Julie and I played an opening 3 song set. What a perfect setting. We had a full room (actually packed) and attentive audience that we could see. We were then followed by Rob Roper, Ken Morris, and Eddie Wesslhoff. What talent in our house, so cool! I remember sitting on the basement stairs listening to Ken Morris. I couldn't imagine music sounding any better.

Thanks to all who helped pull it off and sorry to any who didn’t receive my emergency change of venue e-mail.

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