Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Capos for songwriting - Part 2

Over the last week, I've been exploring one capo position - partial capo, down from top, second fret. At this point, I have guitar parts for four songs and melodies for two. Now all I have to do is get motivated for lyrics.

To create these parts, I use a number of different processes -

1) Try familiar chord shapes until I hear something that I like
2) Explore the key of E scale and let different notes ring through
3) Find the 1,4, 5 chords in different places, add the 6th and 3rd or flat third.

Each one of these processes, has yielded the verse, chorus, and bridge for a song. I'm going to spend another week or two (or until I get bored) with this capo position before moving on. If I get really crazy, I may try DADGAD and a partial capo...

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At 10:49 PM, Anonymous Stellan said...

Like this post on using capos.
I will try it out some more, I tried it a little before and it´s really nice what ideas you can get from it.
I wrote a post on my blog regarding creativity where I mentioned retuning the guitar.



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