Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Music of the heart

I just watched the 1999 movie, Music of the Heart, with Meryl Streep. Ok, I'm a little slow, but better late than never.

The story is about the East Harlem Violin Program (now called Opus 118, The Harlem School of Music). I won't ruin the story by saying more, but check out the movie and the program. I may be a little biased having two violinists in my household (not me, I'm just a guitarist that can't read music) but the movie was inspiring.

The movie did remind me of the power of music. It crosses all boundaries and provides a lot to all who participate in it. For kids it provides many benefits, from discipline to a great outlet. My daughter age 7 just started her third year of playing the violin. At her parent/teacher conference tonight, the teacher mentioned how well she's doing in math and remarked about the relationship between music and math. I can see it. My daughter also wrote that what she wants to be a songwriter when she grows up. Who could ask for more!

The value of music programs is amazing. I've studied with two great programs in the Denver area, SwallowHill Music Association and Golden Music Center. My significant other plays in a community orchestra, The Mostly Strauss Orchestra. All are great programs and add a lot to the community.



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