Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Writer's block

Over the years I've written about been a two song per month person. However, the past four months the muse just hasn't flowed. The melodies have come, but lyrics ...

Today I was looking at the discussion on Jeff Mallett's site about writers block. There were many comments, but the ones that struck a chord in me are:

1. Writer's block comes from the absence of mood.
2. To be a good songwriter you have to have full life.

Both of these tips remind me that the times away from music usually provide me with the material from which to write about. When try to be a songwriter, then the words don't flow. When I live the songs appear.

Other tips that I took note of are more active ways to get past writer's block.

3. Get a collaborator
4. Just write trash songs that you throw away. Get into the habit of writing.
5. Don't focus on capturing the perfect line, just write...
6. Rework old songs. You most likely have improved your craft since they were originally written.
7. Record all melodies and how you played them. Do this before going to bed so you don't lose them.
8. Turn on a recorder and make up a song for 30 minutes, with no judgment. When you're done, write down the lyrics. Step 3 is to edit. Save the editing for the final step.
9. "A good song is 95% perspiration and 5% inspiration."


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