Friday, September 01, 2006

Hiking my way into a song

I have been getting in the habit of writing lyrics or an idea for lyrics each morning. On Wednesday morning, I started to write but realized my heart wasn't into it. So instead, I put the dog in the back of my truck and headed to the high country.

About an hour into what turned out to be a three hour hike, I remembered one line from the morning. For the remainder of the hike, I fleshed out the idea in my head, came up with a few verses, and even a few different approaches to the same song. When I returned to my truck, I picked up a notepad and in 15 minutes outlined the lyrics for the song. I couldn't remember all the ideas, but had a good start.

One part of me wishes I had the notepad or tape recorder with me on the mountain. Another part of me thinks that the absence of these items allowed my full creativity to act. Either way I had a great hike!


At 10:09 PM, Blogger Rob Roper said...

Hiking has been good for my songwriting. Something about the walking gets my creativity going. I can sit at home for 3 hours and not think of one line, but when I'm hiking, they start coming to me. I've been carrying a mini-cassette recorder and a notebook with me so I don't lose the ideas.


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