Monday, December 11, 2006

Looking for inspiration - try a different guitar

We were talking about guitars during songwriter's group. Someone asked Eddie if he liked his Taylor. He said that it sounds great on stage and in a room, but the studio performance leaves something to be desired. Ken another member used two different guitars for different tunings. Rob has a whole collection of guitars and still swears by Martin.

I've got four acoutic guitars. The one I play the most is a Louden. It has a great sound and works well for songs where the guitar needs to be clear. My songwriting took off after I started playing it. However, in my search for the groove, I found that my old cheapy (a 20+ year old Atlas) sounds better for hard driving rhythms. I have two 12 strings, a Breedlove and an old Fender. There voices are as different as can be.

Looking for inspiration, try a new guitar. Each time I pick up a new guitar I write a new song.
The different voices, lead to different styles and moods. Having two guitars around in different tunings (i.e. one in standard, the other in an open tuning) makes it easier to practice.

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