Tuesday, February 20, 2007


I've been receiving a lot of feedback lately on my site. I'm doing this for fun so thanks so much for the feedback and encouragement.

If you disagree with anything I say or have a different perspective, please add a comment. I'm still learning and would like to learn from you ....

Below are my favorite recent comments:
  • At last month songwriting group we had a new face. When we asked him how he heard about the group, he said he was looking at some guy named Jeff's blog. Jared you made my night. Also, your song was great. Keep coming back.
  • Amanda used some of my materials for a college class and wanted to know how to reference me. I know you will get an A.
  • Buddy stated, "I would just like to say that of all the songwriting pages I have looked at, yours has been the most helpful and useful. I have been playing guitar for about a year, and have just written my first song which is only about a minute long but I am excited about writing more and hopefully someday I can be good enough at it to have a few people sit around and listen to me." Buddy, congratulations on your first song. That's so cool! Send me an MP3 and I'll post it on my web site.
  • Mark wants to co-write. As soon as I get some time, you're on! I also enjoy your site, www.lyrichut.blogspot.com.
  • Anonymous said... I always find it slightly odd that people have this creativity v craft dilemma. To me, craft is nothing more than the grammar of songwriting... However, if you wish to share that musical language with others in a way that they can get, then you need to employ the grammar of a song - form, structure etc... more. Good comment. My challenge is I'm putting my energy into studying the craft, rather than creating. Also, some days I'd like to create a new language.

Thanks again and keep commenting!!!!!

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