Friday, March 10, 2006

Songwriting group tonight

We have our monthly songwriting group session tonight so I spent the day finishing up two songs.

One of the songs was a difficult challenge - at the end of last month's session, KG gave out pictures and asked us to write a song about the picture. I'm very good in writing about myself, writing about someone else (and someone I don't know) was a challenge. The picture was an older black man, sitting around a kitchen table in what looked to be a barely furnished apartment. Behind him in the window hung an old cross that looked to be made up of puzzle pieces.

With the recent events I started to think about New Orleans. It was easy to picture someone losing everything, yet still keeping their faith. The metaphor I chose was an old house, and the chorus was,

The levee may break,
but it won't break me
The walls may be gone,
but the Foundation stands

Julie on hearing that for the first time, couldn't understand what I meant by the Foundation stands, so I changed the lyrics to better set it up. We'll see how it goes over tonight.



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