Sunday, April 23, 2006

Lots of melodies

I typically average one to two completed songs per month. However, in the last two months I've been in melody mode only. I have the chords, including bridges, for at least 5 songs. I did put lyrics to one and have some great lines, but in retrospect, felt that the message didn't go with the music. So back to the drawing board.

In thinking about what's going on, I can only point to doing too many things at work, paddling season starting, and changes at home. The quiet time (both physical and mental) to compose lyrics hasn't been there. The music, on the otherhand has become more expressive. In the absense of lyrics, I'm using the guitar for my voice. Or it my be that I'm saying too much with the guitar to make room for the lyrics. An interesting dilemma.

The best thing about music is the luxury of staying where I'm at. Someday the words will start to flow. Then I won't have to search for melodies!



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