Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Songwriting resources

I've recently been looking at music resources on the web and it's amazing all the sources out there. A Google search on the word songwriting returns 16 million hits. I'm afraid this blog and my web site come in around 15 million. The hard part is to sort those with good information vs. those that are only trying to sell you something.

Songwriting - There are some good sites that use free songwriting tips as a way to get you to listen to their music. That what I've done on my website. A few sites that I looked at are Irene Jackson's site, Molly's column, Richard Ebbs and Easy Songwriting Tips. There are tons of sites out there. Let me know your favorites.

Getting your music out there - Musicians are also taking advantage of the various web tools to get their information out there. You can create your own site, like I did or you can use a service like, Acoustic Bylines . Myspace is a great free resource out there that is amazingly successful. One of my friends, Rob put some of his music up there. Check out how he's linked to other artists.

Forums - There's a good forum on songwriting. Check it out.

I'm always interested in good sites, so if you have any ideas, let me know.



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