Sunday, March 12, 2006

Songwriters group follow-up

My song went over really well at the songwriters group, with a comment that it was one of my best songs. Not sure if I agree but the compliment was appreciated.

When we got to the analysis phase, it was pointed out that my rhyme scheme wasn’t consistent. I used a combination of:

A, A, B, B and
A, B, C, B

Changing the rhyme scheme interrupts the flow of the song, so I need to go back and look at it.

Another comment was that in one line, I used too many syllables for the melody. Unfortunately it’s in a crucial line and I like how it sounds.

These are all great comments. What I’m going to do next is to record the song and see if I want to make changes. The best part of the process is knowing that I have the option whether to use these comments or not.



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