Friday, April 14, 2006

Open Stage for my B-day

On Wednesday, Julie asked me what I'd like to do for my birthday and I said let's go play at Swallow Hill's open stage. Last night we did just that. We only had a chance to do two songs, so I chose "Here I am" and "Slow Down." I'm surprised at how much I enjoy playing for folks. After years of only playing for my own enjoyment (and scared to death of singing in public), I'm really enjoying it.

"Here I am" once again went over well. It's the perfect open stage song because the crown is musicians and most can eelate. Since I have played this so many times in my performance class, it's almost automatic. Also it helps me get over my own stage fright, because it's easy to play and I'm more comfortable singing joke songs.

"Slow down" is a good second song because of the violin and it's totally different style. The violin really stands out among the guitar crowd. Since we haven't played it for a long time, it wasn't our best rendition. However, since we worked on it so much over a year ago, we could still fake it.

The cool thing about Swallow Hill's schedule is once a month there's the standard open stage, followed two weeks later by a best of open stage, where 5 acts get 20 minutes. We put our name in the ring for a best of show, hopefully, we'll hear back.



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