Saturday, September 02, 2006

When the muse flows

I've completed three songs this week and have the concepts laid out for two more. There's a few sections I'm not happy with, but on the whole am quite pleased. As soon as I can make a good recording, I get them up on my website.

At Song School, Pat Pattison, recommended writing a song every day, even if they are crap. He stressed that good things will happen if you just get into the habit of writing. Based on this weeks results, I agree (except that course none of my songs are crap).

I've done a a lot of things to open the flood gates. These are:

1) Devoting more time to songwriting
2) Inspiration from Song School
3) Writing every morning
4) Learning new chords and music composition in private lessons
5) Listening to closely to other artists
6) Quieting my mind through yoga and long walks
7) Reading about songwriting

I'm going to ride this flow for as long as I can. When it drys up, I'll go back and do the rewriting.


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