Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Daine Warren - discipline of songwriting

The January/ February issue of American Songwriter has a series of articles on the Legends of Songwriting. Definitely worthy of checking out!

The first article I read was about Diane Warren. She has been nominated for 9 Grammy's, 6 Academy Awards, and 4 Golden Globes. The list of artists she's written for is a who's who of the music world.

A few points that jumped out at me are:

- The discipline - She gets to the office at 8:15 and writes throughout the day. She states, "In songwriting it's the mental muscles and musical muscles (that you need to work out), you have to constantly keep up the hard work. Sure there has to be inspiration, but a lot of it is just hard work."
- When she travels she has a keyboard put in her hotel room "because I have to work."
- In response to how does she define a great song, "Boy, you feel it, don't you?... It's the perfect balance or art, craft and emotion."

I typically play the guitar everyday, however, I write sporadically. This article reminds me of what it takes to be a successful songwriter.

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At 6:57 AM, Blogger Tebo said...

I find many aspiring songwriters believe that taking time every day to practice the songwriting craft is somehow considered "lazy".

Working the "mental muscles and musical muscles" is so important and requires as much ... if not more work ... than doing many seemingly "un-lazy" jobs that are more socially acceptable.

A burgeoning writing career can often be stunded early on for fear of not producing a "hit" right off the bat. Even the greatest writers had to start somewhere, it just takes practice like enything else.

Go workout those muscles!


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