Saturday, February 24, 2007

A song a day

I've written four songs in four days. All could use more work, but I'm pretty happy with what came out. I spent between 1 and 2 hours on each song and each was written with a slightly different process. I've started a new category on my web site, "Song in Process." I'd welcome any feedback.

1) Don't Know What to Do - I had chords and melody in my head, but was drawing a blank on lyrics. I went to Mark's blog and in less than an hour, this song emerged.

2) Untitled 1 - I started with a drum track, then recorded the melody, next the chords and finally a counter melody. My goal was to start with a melody, before getting locked down by chords. Here's what emerged.

3) Medals out of the closet - Driving down the road, I came up with the lines, "took the medals out of the closet, forgiven but not forgotten. The next morning I wrote the story about a Vietnam vet who was finally coming to grips with his service. I'm going to explore this one further in a few weeks.

4) Saturday morning - I woke up this morning and started to play a few chords. It just fit a relaxed Saturday morning. I asked Julie for some ideas of what a lazy Saturday morning looked like and in 30 minutes the song was done.

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