Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Commercial songs

I just took my first course from SongU.com, titled Song 100 Commercial Song Forms. I was a little hesitant in signing up, however, this was well worth it.

The first thing I learned in making a commercial song was the need to find the balance between making a song easy to remember and keeping a song interesting. I've always been more focused on what I was trying to say, rather the listener remembering my song.

Another point was on using repetition lyrically and musically. For different song structures there are tricks on where to repeat the hook or song title. As a writer, I've looked at repetition as boring, so this is a different perspective.

"Don't bore use, get to the chorus." I've heard this many times and this class adds that "you need to get to the chorus in less than 1 minute. " To get there quicker, some songs only use one verse before the chorus or even start the song with the chorus.

The main message I got from this lesson, was to write more from the perspective of the listener. By doing this you have a greater chance of having them remember your message and, of course, having a commercial song.


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