Friday, September 08, 2006

Lyrical contrast

I've decided to register at SongU and am taking a class each day. So far, the classes are on material I already know to some degree, so I'm going through them quickly. However, they're helping me gain a deeper understanding which I can immediately apply to my songwriting. I'm already working on my third song this week.

Shameless plug - If you register for SongU, please use me (Jeff Oxenford) as a referral.

Today I took the class on lyrical contrast. The course described 4 types of contrast:

1) Rhyme scheme (A,A, B,B) vs. (A,B,A,B)
2) Rhythm (long phrases vs. short phrases)
3) Pronoun contrast (I/me vs you/she)
4) Details (descriptive in verses, general in chorus)

The class describes how to use these and the discussion forums provide a multitude of example from students.

Now its time for my homework, write a song applying these ideas of contrast.


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