Tuesday, February 27, 2007

And the award goes to....

I was watching the Academy Awards last night. Amazing thing, I didn’t fall asleep and was actually inspired to write a song. The song that I wrote this morning is titled Bound for Great Things. Check it out in my Songs in Process section.

The main theme of the evening was gratitude and celebration. It may have just been that I’m tuned in after watching the movie the Secret, either way this had to be my chorus.

I built my verses based on some of the nominees and their inspiring stories:

- Forest Witaker talked about watching actors at the drive-in and how it started his dream.

- Jennifer Hudson was trashed by Simon on American Idol (see it on YouTube) only to be nominated for 4 Academy Awards. Actually Simon did her a favor, her performance last night showed how much she had grown since that time.

- Al Gore was acknowledged for his contributions in educating us on global warning. For me it’s rising from defeat to greatness.

- My last verse was that you don’t need to be on the screen to have greatness. “It’s what you do that makes your heart sing.”

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