Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Meditation challenge

I'm challenging myself to develop a musical accompaniment for a meditation. I will speak over the music, however, the music will also need to stand alone.

To get started, I started listening to music that folks use for meditation. The first thing I noticed was a good melody and very smooth transitions. What became immediately apparent was that lack of dissidence and minimal change of pace. Since the goal is soothing, the music needs to flow like the meditation.

I've been experimenting with a variety of different approaches and am still working on smoothing out my transitions. I'm fingerpicking, because that gives me better control and avoiding hitting one note too hard. In a mediation song, any of mistake is magnified.

The last approach I'm trying is chording with the guitar and a Native American flute for the melody. I'm still not great with the flute so this is going to take some work.

I've got three weeks to get this accomplished. I better meditate on it!


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